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Geaco Trading & Contracting Company L.L.C. (GEACO) provides a broad scope of industrial and commercial services, serving both the public and private sectors. In addition to general construction, GEACO offers design/build, turnkey building construction,site preparation and heavyearthmoving,concrete paving, drainage construction, andsupply of gabbro aggregates. GEACO is a general contractor performing 40% of total annual work in Petrochemical/Hydrocarbon construction, with the remaining 60% performed in commercial and public constru ction. Our experience includes complete site preparation, demolition, pipelines, utility lines installation, concrete foundations and paving, tank foundations, sump construction and storage facilities support activities. The major divisions are segregated below and explained in more detail.

Site Preparation And Heavy Earth Works

One of the original foundations of our business, GEACO is proud to boast our experience in Site Preparation and Earth Moving .We have the experience to perform the broad scope of site preparation needs. We have completed numerous tasks of installing underground drainage, directional water flow as well as water, sewer, firewater installation and repairs. Our Site Preparation Division can perform the essential tasks needed for various projects that will follow. We have performed preparation for building construction, new unit installation, foundation work, and more. Along with our Concrete Services our Site Preparation Service can perform turnkey site needs. Our Heavy Earth Moving Services have the experience to perform all spectrums of your earth moving needs. We have the ability to improve drainage, water flow, firewater, and underground piping. Our personnel have been thoroughly trained to handle the delicate, yet important situations of these projects. We can perform your difficult tasks without the normal hardships of heavy construction.

Services Include:

Complete Site Preparation


Removal of Contaminated Earth

Levee and DikeConstruction

Underground Wells and Tanks

Pumping Stations

Water and Sewage Plants

Industrial Unit Preparation


Building Division

Today's requirements of building construction have become extremely stringent, but we have metthese requirements head-on. GEACO can construct many types of buildings. We perform the underground, site preparation, concrete, and the final walk-in structure. GEACO can perform this operation for both the public and private sectors of business. GEACO holds proud a group of talented employees who lead our Concrete and Industrial Services. This talent has been our foundation for the quality and excellence that this service exhibits.EACO can perform multiple types of concrete and specialized paving to meet your requirements. We have the ability to perform unique intricate foundations, as well as paving. We can perform concrete repairs safely and efficiently.

Services Include:

Residential Buildings

Commercial Office Buildings

Industrial Complexes

Concrete and Industrial Services

Industrial Foundation

Building Foundation

Parking Lots

Concrete Paving


Concrete Ditches

Concrete Repair

Gabbro Aggregates

One necessity in any type of infrastructure, construction & asphalt paving are the use of a variety of Gabbro Aggregates materials.In conjunction with that fact,we supply aggregate materials to manys ectors of business. We can supply the material as FOB Fujairah or C&F Doha –Qatar, basis. GEACO can provide Gabbro Crushed sand, crushed aggregates. Combined with thisservice, we can perform the earthwork to complement the aggregate fillsto meet our client's needs. Since Doha Quarry Fujairah is GEACO’s sister concern (Profile attached here with), GEACO can commit 100% satisfaction in Gabbro Supplies. We can also perform complete truck and driver renting/leasing and material hauling to meet client needs.

Services Include:

Gabbro Crushed Aggregates 20mm

Gabbro Crushed Aggregates 10 mm

Gabbro Crushed Aggregates (sand) 0-05mm

Affiliated Companies:

Doha Quarry L.L.C. Fujairah – UA E

Doha Quarry L.L.C. Doha – Qatar

Egybel (Egyptian & Belgian Co For Glass & Aluminium), Doha –Qatar

Al Qabas Internation Trading L.L.C , Doha – Qatar

Value Engineering

GEACO can draw on more than a decade of combined GEACO and project management experience, performing almost all of our own work in the capacity of general contractor. For many projects, we become involved as part of the “team” in the conceptual design state by both proving “value engineering” solutions and cost estimating services that invariably results in superior finished products at attractive process.

Doha Quarry

Doha Quarry has established a branch as crusher units in the Emirates of Fujairah with complete set up for production of Gabbro stones and sands which is highly required by Qatar Market at present and rising the requirement in future as well for ready mix and Asphalt plants etc. The Industrial License No: 80088 and registered under a Trade Registration No: 8980 (attached) from the Municipality of Fujairah. Doha Quarry has reached an agreement with the Municipality of Fujairah to lease a plot land in the region of Al Hail to establish crusher where the company granted the plot of land. The crusher was composed of two Production lines. Each line has a capacity of 600 MT/hour i.e. the total design capacity of the crusher is 1200 MT/hour. Emirate of the Fujairah has the presence of mountainous area to create an excellent production of stone of Gabbro foruse in construction project and in infrastructure (mainly for asphalt plant)in GCC markets, particularly the state of Qatar, Kuwait, aswell as the market of the United Arab Emirates. The Doha Quarry Crusher products have been accepted as main product for big projects in the state of Qatar and other GCC countries because of its good quality products.