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Safety Overview

Safety Overview

Safety is the primary focus of our working fundamentals. We strive daily to implement new fundamentals, to increase the safety of our employees and our lives. Our employees hold value in their work, in their lives, and in their families. We will honor the value of safety at all times. It is our foremost priority to all of our customers, employees, and their families. We at GEACO have had the pleasure of an impeccable safety record in the past, and we look forward to continuing these effortsfor a safe future. This very idea is the base support of investing time and effort into our safety program. In reorganization of data provided by our Labor Statistics, GEACO understands that one in every six construction workers suffers an occupational injury or sickness, on average, once every year. We understand that one in fourteen will have a lost time injury, and that one in 3,300 will die as a result of work. Without hesitation we recognized this trend to be unacceptable and took the action to transitioned GEACO to a fully compliant company. Additionally we understand that a sound safety philosophy establishes and rewards an incident and injury free culture. To ensure success, GEACO employees are involved with each other performance. We understand that safety goals are the guidelines that provide teams a direction, but not the initiative to continuously achieve our work class safety performance record.

Strategic Values


To utilize lesson learning and industry best practices to foster a culture of continuous improvement within our diverse workforce. To deploy innovative products and processes with proven performance history to achieve client’s expectations.


To be honest and transparent in all business relationships. To retain the trust and respect of clients, partners, suppliers and competitors. To uphold best practices for health, environmental and safety performance.


To be an organization for which both Nationals and Expatriates aspire towork. To create opportunity within, and tangible contribute to, the community in which we live and operate.

GEACO is firmly committed to developing a long and mutually rewarding relationship with clients and we focus our abilities on maintain world class performance in all key markets. With over a decade of experience in site preparation within the commercial, industrial and governmental market sectors, we are able to provide specialized services dedicated to our client’s best interests and within time requirements.

Quality Overview

We at GEACO realize the value of total commitment to a true quality program. We have many fundamental quality practices in place and continue to expand on ourtotal quality practices. Our quality began upon the incorporation of our company and has grown through dedication - just as our company. Our quality improvement process is based upon the principles of management-oriented planning, commitment, and building of interpersonal relationships between clients and employees. We focus on areas of motivation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. We do not discriminate against, but encourage, new philosophies and improved methods. Our fundamental belief in quality commitment is applied to all tasks. It applies to employees, procedures, equipment, state of mind, and attitude. It is one of the bases that separate our performance from any other company– “we endeavorto find the quality in our employees and teach them to seek quality in all of their tasks”.

Mission Philosophy

Geaco Trading & Contracting Company L.L.C. (GEACO) and our employees work toward this vision by providing cost affective designs and informative solutions that make a positive difference for our clients. We foster four pivotal values that are the basis of GEACO professionals to create a lasting legacy through

An unwavering commitment to excellence and steadfast consistency to exceedingexpectations.

Continuously develop our employees, celebrating individual and collective thinking andachievements.

Building our company vision regionally, fueled by dynamic teamwork, collaborate with our Stakeholders from a strong founded on trust and respect.

Integrity, dedication and maintaining a success prospective on our ventures are essential to ensuring our enduring prosperity and success.

GEACO mission philosophy and our core values have been part of our culture since the company’s inception in 1983. We understand that this commitment requires strong participation for all member of our organization and we routinely meet to ensure our employees, customer, sub contractors and vendors have an opportunity to participate in a robust discussion on this subject. The management of GEACO understands that success can only be truly achieved with participation of our stakeholders. Our mission philosophy services as a guideline forour decision making model. Our core success is also governed by the Ideal of Incident and Injury Free (IIF)work place. Using IIF and faithfully committing ourselves to the company’s core values ensures the team will prosper with the understanding that solutions to challenges are often resolved quickly through the spirit of co-operation.

Full- Service EPC Centre

GEACO is currently expanding through investment the required infrastructure to expand our portfolio for projects both within and outside the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Within the next twelve months GEACO will complete hiring additional senior engineering positions, technicians and other specialists to help manage our expanding work load. GEACO currently operates and manages our engineering effort using International Standards and a common set internal procedures. GEACO has the ability to collaborate with sister ventures ongoing within the GCC to achieve maximum benefits for our Stakeholders.

Centre for Excellence

GEACOhasinitiatedathree(3)yearplantoexpandthefollowingservices areasinto Centre of Excellence (CoE). Services Areas:

  • Civil Engineering

  • Supply of Gabbro Aggregates.

  • Scheduling Standards

The expectations of the CoE typically allows for the development of a white paper that addresses best practices or becomes a platform for advancing technologies. Each CoE has a chairman selected from our client base. The CoE chairman will schedule and host interactive sessions bi-annually with industry technology providers, regulatory experts (codes and standards) and services areas experts from client or third party. Cost of the venue and refreshments are at GEACO expense and shall comply with company procedures. To be eligible to attend or present engineering details at the next "Centre for Excellence" meeting, please send an e-mail to GEACO. You will be notified thirty (30) days in advance of the next meeting.

Success Contributors

GeacoTrading & Contracting Company L.L.C.(GEACO) are dedicated to management of our internal processes. This dedication manifests in our approach toward quality control and efficient planning. Our employees operate the company in a truly professional manner and this ideal has allowed GEACO to maintain long standing client relationships. Our motto of "efficiency & fairness" is a significant reason for the company's success since its inception in 1983. GEACO prides itsself on understanding the local market conditions and offering our client exceptional services for a competitive rate.

Nature of Activities

  • Started in 1983 as a well-established trading & contracting company in the business filed with the main activity of importing and whole sale distributing all types of timber in Qatar & in U.A.E.
  • We have a branch in the name of Geaco Trading Company for Timbers & Building Materials, Doha, Qatar.
  • We have started our contracting divisionon 2012 with full facility & with skilled manpower to take the whole construction work for commercial buildings, villa complexes etc…

Our Intend

We expected to market different types of woods (Timbers) yearly in Qatar around QR. 15,000,000.00 (QR. Fifteen Million) and in U.A.E. around AED. 25,000,000.00 (AED. Twenty five Million) through our sister concern HASCO building materials, Dubai, UAE.

Our Capacity

The company is at present time finances its imports through its own resources and through HSBC Amana in Dubai for both markets in Qatar and U.A.E. But both markets are expanding and therefore, we want to secure additional financing from Qatar to cover the additional demands.